Welcome to my blog - an honest and fun journey through my everyday life. Who am I and why would you want to read about me? Great questions - hopefully I have some great answers. 
I'm a mum to two gorgeous 5yo boys and a wife to my childhood sweetheart. I live in inner city Melbourne and love it! My interests? My passions? They're many and diverse.. I love Melbourne, fashion, food, shopping for furniture (mid century danish being my fav), drinking coffee, trawling through op shops and markets, watching my 3 boys play Star Wars, trialling new beauty products, watching trashy TV (Real housewives anyone?) beautiful homewares, entertaining friends, walking on crunchy leaves in autumn, collecting beautiful things till I have no more room to store them...thus starting my collection for I love vintage. 
This is what I want to share with you, my beautiful finds - some will be for sale - others just for you to lust over :)
Hope you enjoy this journey with me - xC

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